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Pre-Approved Queries

Pillar: Get Answers

Who was Sir Donald Bradman?

What is 18% of 92?

What's 2 to the power of 30?

What's 5 factorial?

What’s ‘good morning’ in French?

Translate 'hello' to Spanish

How do you say 'thank you' in German?

How many millilitres in a cup?

Convert 4.5 teaspoons to tablespoons

How many kilometres in 6.2 miles?

How many calories in an apple?

How much fiber in kale?

How much vitamin C is recommended daily?

What does circumlocution mean?

How long will it take to walk to work?

What are some nearby chemists

When does the first one close?

What is their phone number?

Will I need an umbrella today?

What's the weather this weekend?

How hot is it?

Pillar: Enjoy your music

Play music by Sia

Play some workout music

Play Discover Weekly on Spotify*

Next song

Pause the music

Volume 7

Play party playlist on all speakers

Play some music*

*Subscriptions/payments may be required.

Pillar: Manage everyday tasks

Set a timer for 15 minutes

Set a 13 minute timer for pizza

How much time is left on my pizza timer?

Wake me up at 6 AM tomorrow

Set an alarm for weekdays at 8 AM


Add toothpaste to my shopping list

What's on my shopping list?

Tell me about my day

Good morning

Start my day

Pillar: Smart Home

Turn on the bedroom lights***

Dim the kitchen lights***

Are the lights on in Michelle's room?

Play pop music on bedroom speaker**

*Subscriptions/payments may be required.

**Controlling audio on your speakers requires a Chromecast audio or speakers with Chromecast built-in.

***Controlling your lights requires a compatible smart home lighting system.

Pillar: Google Assistant Personality

Are you feeling lucky?

Crystal ball


Tell me something interesting

Make me laugh

Entertain me

How do I spell Goondiwindi?

What am I thinking right now?

Count by 10

What is abracadabra?

What's your favourite food?

Where are you from?