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Messaging and Marketing Copy

We’ve done the heavy lifting for you. Below, you will find approved copy to help you talk about Google Home Mini in a consistent and compelling way.

    Key Positioning

    Name: Google Home Mini

    Tagline: Small and mighty

    Short: Get hands-free help in any room. Google Home Mini has the Google Assistant built-in, so you can ask it questions and tell it to do things. It even recognizes different voices with Voice Match, so answers are personalized for you. Use one or have a few around the house to get the power of Google anywhere.

    Key Pillars

    When referring to five messaging pillars of Google Home Mini, you should always follow this priority order: (1) Get answers from Google, (2) Manage your day, (3) Enjoy your entertainment, (4) Voice control your smart home, (5) Designed for any room.

    Pillar 1: Get answers from Google

    Short: Just by using your voice, get real-time answers to things you want to know, including the latest news, weather, traffic, finance, sports and more.

    Pillar 2: Manage your day

    Short: With Voice Match, get personalized help managing your schedule, commute and more whenever Mini recognizes your voice. (With your permission, of course.) Plus, set alarms, reminders, and listen to news.

    Pillar 3: Enjoy your entertainment

    Short: Control your music and entertainment hands-free. Play songs from popular music services like Google Play Music, Saavn or Gaana . Or stream your shows and movies on your TV with just your voice.

    *Requires Chromecast.

    Pillar 4: Voice control your smart home

    Short: Use your voice to control lights, thermostats , TV, and more from popular home automation systems, like Philips Hue, TP-Link, D-Link and more.

    *Controlling your smart home requires compatible smart home products.

    Pillar 5: Designed for any room

    Medium and Short: Enjoy crystal-clear sound thanks to Mini’s integrated, full-range speaker. And with far-field microphones, it can even hear you say “Ok Google” from across the room. Compact and discreet, you can use Mini alone, or set up a few around the house and enjoy the power of Google everywhere.

    Highlighted Features



    Voice Match

    Train your Assistant to recognise your voice and up to five others in your home, so that you can all get a personalised experience with your own schedule, reminders, playlists and more.

    My Day

    “Hey Google, good morning,” gives you the personalised details you need, like what’s on your calendar, your reminders, the traffic on your way to work, and more.

    Voice Casting

    Google Home Mini works with your Chromecast so you can start streaming your shows, movies, and music on your TV or speakers using only your voice.

    Assistant at Home and on the Go

    Enjoy a seamless experience no matter where you go with your Google Assistant. Get reminders across your devices, send directions to your phone, and even browse recipes on your phone and then send step-by-step cooking instructions to Google Home Mini.

    Enjoy your Music

    With a simple voice command, play songs, playlists, artists, and albums from popular music services like YouTube Music, Gaana, Tunein, iHeartRadio and more.

    Positioning Guidelines

    Product Name

    When referring to the product name:

    Always use “Google Home Mini” (never omit the Google Home)

    Use “Google Home Mini devices” when referring to more than one


    When referring to the product name:

    Do NOT simply use “Mini” or “the Mini”

    Do NOT use “Google Home mini”

    Do NOT use “The Google Home Mini”

    Do NOT use “Google Home Minis”

    Do NOT use “Google Home Mini’s” as a possessive


    Hotword & queries

    When referring to a hotword or a query:

    Use the following grammatical structure:“Ok Google, set a timer for 5 minutes”

    Use a lowercase “k” and no comma between Ok and Google.

    Use a lowercase letter after the comma in Google

    If you end a sentence with the hotword, place the period outside the quotation mark, e.g., Just start with “Ok Google”.


    When referring to a hotword or a query:

    Do NOT use “OK Google”

    Do NOT use “Ok, Google”

    Do NOT use “Ok Google, What’s the time”


    Platform name

    Please always :

    Capitalise the “A” in “Google Assistant”


    Please do NOT:

    Don’t use “Google assistant”


    Product Description

    When describing the product:

    Use the expression: “voice-activated speaker”


    When describing the product:

    Do NOT use “smart speaker”

    Do NOT use “personal assistant device”

    Do NOT use “hands-free device”


    Google Assistant & Google Home

    When describing the relationship between Google Assistant & Google Home:

    Use “powered by the Google Assistant” e.g., “Google Home is powered by the Google Assistant.”


    When describing the relationship between Google Assistant & Google Home:

    Do NOT use “Google Assistant built-in”

    Do NOT use “with the Google Assistant”


    Google Assistant: Descriptor

    This is the descriptor for the Google Assistant:“Ask it questions. Tell it to do things. It’s your own Google, always ready to help.”

    When using the descriptor for the Google Assistant in copy:

    Always include mention to the “Google Assistant” using all three sentences together as they appear above


    When using the descriptor for the Google Assistant in copy:

    Do NOT shorten the descriptor

    Do NOT change any words

    For example, do NOT use: “Ask it questions. Tell it to play music. It’s your own Google always ready to help.”

    For example, do NOT use: “It’s your own Google always ready to help.”


    Google Assistant: Lead in sentences

    Please start with any of the following:

    “Just start with…”

    “Just start by saying…”



    Please do NOT start with any of the following:

    “Just say...”



    Google Assistant: Follow up Questions

    Examples can include one question:

    E.g. “Ok Google, where’s the nearest pharmacy?”


    Examples should NOT include follow up questions:

    E.g. “OK Google, where’s the nearest pharmacy? OK Google, what time does it open?”


    Google Assistant: Superlatives

    Avoid using superlatives and absolutes


    Use language like, “ask what you want to know” or “ask for things you’re curious about.”



    Do NOT use “Google Home can answer all your questions.”

    Do NOT use “Ask Google Home anything.”


    Google Home Mini Giveaway

    Giveaway Guidelines

    If you plan on giving away a Google Home Mini as a prize or a gift please adhere to the following guidelines:

    • The word “Free” cannot be used.
    • Please only show the colour(s) (chalk, charcoal or coral) you will actually be giving away.
    • The Google brand cannot be used to imply sponsorship or affiliation with Google.
    • The action required for a consumer to receive a Google Home Mini must be clearly stated.

    Sample Copy

    • Headline: Get a Google Home Mini on us.
    • Receive a Google Home Mini with your purchase/by signing up.
    • Sign up and receive a Google Home and get hands-free help around the house

    Social Copy Guidelines

    You’re free to develop your own copy, as long as you follow our brand guidelines.

    Hashtags and Handles

    Please tag an appropriate official Google handle below based on platform and CTA.

    • Include the official product hashtag in all social posts: #GoogleHome and #MakeGoogleDoIt
    • Send us a shout out via our Twitter handle: @GoogleIndia
    • Link to the official website:
    • When referencing the product outside of Twitter, please tag other official Google handles when relevant: @GoogleIndia on Facebook and Google India on Youtube