Introduction to Hardware

Introduction to Hardware

Google has always worked to close the distance between you and what you want. Whether it’s finding you the best instructions to help you assemble a crib, automagically reminding you to leave for your flight on time, or guiding you on the shortest route to the store before it closes, our software and services are all about helping you quickly traverse the gap between wanting and knowing, wanting and doing, and wanting and having.

So, we’ve built a Google you can hold in your hand and talk to when your hands are full. A Google that is there for you when you want it, however you want it.

Meet the Made By Google family.


    This category includes mobile devices, such as Pixel & Pixel XL.

    Living Room

    This category includes devices that sit in your home and assist you via voice, such as Google Home.


    This category includes devices that connect you to your home and the web, such as Google Wifi.


    This category includes devices that let you cast content to external devices, such as Chromecast and Chromecast Ultra.

    Virtual Reality

    This category includes devices that enable you to experience virtual reality, such as Daydream View.


    This category includes products that pair with your devices, such as Live Cases, standard power, cables, and more.