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Messaging & Marketing Copy

This sections contains guidance on messaging and approved pillars to help you describe Google Wifi.

    Product Description


    Home Life, Uninterrupted

    Short version

    Google Wifi is a new kind of home Wi-Fi system that gives you fast, reliable coverage, in every room.

    Medium version

    Google Wifi is a new kind of home Wi-Fi system that replaces your router with fast and  seamless coverage throughout your home—without the headaches of signal drops or dead zones.

    Key Pillars

    Pillar 1: Engineered for you, made by Google

    Short version

    It’s everything you love about Google—smarts, security and simplicity—brought to home Wi-Fi.

    Medium versions

    It’s everything you love about Google—smarts, security and simplicity—brought to home Wi-Fi. We’ve re-thought everything about routers to create an experience that's reliable, flexible and handles your devices and online activities, seamlessly.

    Pillar 1.1: Simple Wi-Fi Control


    Use our Google Wifi companion app to see what’s connected, run a speedtest, quickly troubleshoot, set up a guest network, and more.

    Pillar 1.2: Easy Set-up


    Our Google Wifi companion app takes you step-by-step to get you up and running in just a few minutes.

    Pillar 1.3: Security that stays a step ahead


    The latest hardware and cloud-based security that automatically updates itself means you’re always protected.

    Pillar 1.4: Family-Friendly Tools


    Manage kids’ screen time by pausing Wi-Fi to their devices during bedtime, dinnertime, or whenever appropriate.

    Pillar 1.5: Wifi Care


    We’re here 24/7 with support through phone.

    Pillar 2: Consistently strong Wi-Fi

    Short version

    Keeps itself fast:

    Google Wifi is smart, automatically putting your devices on the clearest channel and fastest band, so you can do what you love without missing a beat.

    Medium version

    Get the best signal on every device, anytime. Streaming a movie or joining an important video call? Prioritize that device for the fastest speeds when it matters most. And, Google’s Network Assist software does the hard work for you to eliminate slowdowns so you and your family can keep doing the things you love without missing a beat.

    Pillar 3: Coverage in every room

    Short version

    Google Wifi points work together to give you a strong signal throughout your entire home.

    Medium version

    Say goodbye to dead zones with Wi-Fi that’s made to fit your whole home. Google wifi points work together to create a connected system that gives you a strong signal wherever you want it.

    Legal Requirements

    • Material that uses the “Google G” logo or the word “Google” should include the following attribution: “Google/the G Logo is a trademark of Google LLC.” or "Google and the G Logo are trademarks of Google LLC."
    • If other Google products are featured in the same asset you are allowed to combine the legal lines. For example an asset that features Android in text, the Google Play Music icon and the G logo would use this legal line: Android, the Google Play Music Icon and the G Logo are trademarks of Google LLC.

    Social Copy Guidelines

    You’re free to develop your own copy, as long as you follow our brand guidelines. If you find yourself running out of characters (especially on Twitter), we would recommend tagging #GoogleWifi over @MadeByGoogle so your tweet is still part of a larger conversation.

    Hashtags and Handles

    Please tag an appropriate official Google handle below based on platform and CTA.

    • Include the official product hashtag in all social posts: #GoogleWifi
    • Send us a shout out via our Twitter handle: @MadeByGoogle
    • Link to the official website:
    • When referencing the product outside of Twitter, please tag other official Google handles when relevant: @Google on Instagram, @Google on Facebook, +Google on G+